What is Life Coaching?


by Laura Barnes

Life Coach scottsdale


Life Coaching is a dynamic process of purposeful empowerment that sparks transformational change. {START NOW! GASP!}


A masterful Life Coach helps you to listen and receive information from deep within and to trust and then act on that information. 

Life Coaching requires a journey INWARD. This encourages a sense of rigorously honest confidence and authenticity that is rooted in trusting and believing in yourself
Life coaching scottsdale
For this journey INWARD, a masterful Life Coach will use a portfolio of artful coaching tools and techniques such as meditation, visualization, mantras, affirmations, the development of mindfulness, music, sounds and frequencies, colors, prayer, breathing techniques, empathy development, storytelling, signs and symbols, body awareness, dreams, archetypes, developing creativity and much more.  {OH, WOW!}

These tools and techniques essentially help to de-clutter, calm and quiet the mind so that you can tune out all the distracting noise and nonsense and tune into your own essential truth that is available and accessible in each and every moment. This inner truth offers the humbling opportunity to guide your life in more purposeful, meaningful and joyous directions.

That inner voice cannot possibly thrive and be heard in an internal environment that is cruel, shaming, judgmental, criticizing, rigid, prescribed or hateful. A masterful Life Coach helps you to create an internal culture of kindness, respect, compassion, acceptance and love. Yes love. {AHHH, SIGH!}


A masterful Life Coach helps you find the courage to act on the information and guidance you have found within yourself.  After the journey INWARD, you begin the journey FORWARD.

A masterful Life Coach helps you find meaningful ways to express your full potential, to manifest health and happiness and to positively serve the people and the world around you. This courage builds positive momentum, forward moving action, excitement, energy and wild enthusiasm. Thoughts, words and actions are intentionally aligned with your innate truth and wisdom{YES PLEASE!}

Courage means to ‘dare greatly.’ The word courage comes from the old French word ‘cour‘ meaning heart. The original translation of the word courage means ‘to tell the story of your heart.’

A Life Coach helps you to tell the story of your heart with abandon and obedience and without an ounce of timidity. {ROAR!}
counseling scottsdaleThe urban dictionary describes courage as the ‘ability to do something that frightens one.’ A masterful Life Coach helps you to move out of comfort zones, dare greatly, move through the FUDs (Fears, Uncertainties and Doubts), blast through sabotaging blocks, pulverize procrastination and discover the courage needed to make positive and meaningful changes in your life.

For this journey FORWARD a masterful Life Coach uses a wide range of contemporary, effective tools and techniques that help you take that first step and begin, focus, clarify, prioritize, organize, strategize, shift perspectives, set, reach and surpass clear and achievable goals, create coherent plans of action, find energy, motivation and inspiration, have a clear check-in structure, build in accountability, gather appropriate resources, find meaning and balance in your choices, develop a positive attitude and much more.

These practical tools and techniques essentially help you express, manifest, create and apply your skills, talents, knowledge and wisdom in everyday life. {WOOT! WOOT!}

If you want to take the sacred journey INWARD and then move energetically FORWARD with power, passion, purpose and a plan, get a LIFE COACH! {YES! YES! YES! I WANT WHAT SHE’S HAVING!}


The role of counseling/mentoring

Counseling | Mentoring Scottsdale

We all encounter times in our life where we feel unsupported, empty, shattered, lost, lonely or isolated.  These feelings are very powerful and it drives us to find support, quickly.  With many options to choose from, how can you tell what form of support is going to work best for you?

Let’s begin by examining the role of counseling/mentoring.  Both are interchangeable titles.  Here is the definition from,  “Support process in which a counselor holds face to face talks with another person to help him or her solve a personal problem, or help improve that person’s attitude, behavior, or character.” The minimum requirement to become a counselor is a BA in psychology, depending on the state licensure and certification requirements.  Most psychologist have excellent communication skills and have chosen their profession because they are genuinely interested in using their education to help others.   Many therapist advance their training by becoming supervisors, teachers, and researchers.

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People are often misinformed of the powerful process of therapy from movies or well intended friends.  Therapy is often the friend that really listens, a wise teacher guiding you in a healthier direction and a non-bias point of view.  Many therapists train in a multitude of different issues and are well equipped at handling most problems.   A lot of people will visit a therapist for the confidentiality.   Most people who visit a therapist end up with new coping strategies and a fresh perspective on things.  The goal of the therapist is to help the patient towards a life long direction of healthy thinking and choices.  Therapy works for short term and long term issues. Many therapist are so committed to the process that they have a therapist for themselves as well.  Most of us need a strong support system and it’s very difficult for family or friends to keep themselves out of your story.  A therapist is very good at neutral.

Life Coaching | Counseling Phoenix | Therapy Scottdale

A Certified Life Coach has completed at least 100 hours of certification training and many have spent a great deal of time working on themselves.  In the state of Arizona life coaching is not regulated so it is even MORE important to do research on who to hire.  The Life Coaching process is similar to therapy but there are some very important distinctions.  A life coach will help a client achieve a goal or deal with an issue by helping them find the answer within themselves.  If they are experienced they will ask a series of brilliant questions that will help the client discover their own truth.  They do not offer unsolicited advice or hold opinions about your behavior or choices.  A good life coach will walk with you to your path but will not lead the way with their ideas or beliefs.  Life coaching is a catapult straight to  your goals and a great way to get clear with yourself and find your purpose in life.  Do you want to know more about your potential?

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The greatest love of all

Whitney Houston had a popular hit in the 80’s called, “The Greatest Love of All”.  I heard this song so many times when I was growing up but I didn’t really grasp the lyrics until I got older.  Time has taught me many lessons and I am about to share a big one with you.  Here is a quote from the song.

Everybody searching for a hero

People need someone to look up to

I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs

A lonely place to be

So I learned to depend on me.

I was in a constant search for something that was going to make me feel alive.  It took the shape and form of many different things.  When I opened up my business I felt great because I had a new interest or purpose to occupy my time but after all the hard work and newness faded, I began searching again..

I really wasn’t lacking anything.  My children were happy, I felt connected in my intimate relationship but the lack of struggle was something so unfamiliar to me that I had to create it to feel normal.  I wanted more, I was still chasing an illusion.

Tall, dark and handsome appeared at the exact time I was craving struggle and I jumped into this magical illusion head first and didn’t look back.  I mentally created this person to be everything I had ever wanted in a man, I found my hero.

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that he couldn’t sustain my idea of him and I couldn’t tolerate his total humanness.  So after the hormones subsided and reality smacked me in the face, I was left my self- inflicted suffering and a ton of wisdom.

The hero isn’t in the man, job, friendship, religion, car, house, trophy, lottery winning, weight loss, shoes, money, vacation, wedding or you get the point.  All those things can be amazing blessings but it isn’t the hero.

The greatest love of all

Is easy to achieve

Learning to love yourself

It is the greatest love of all”

I’ve made interesting choices because I thought I needed them to feel complete.  I have respect for my journey and I have been and still am exactly where I need to be.  However, avoiding a few detours along my path is something I am more privy too now.  My fulfillment comes from a place inside of me.  A feeling of totality, completion and contentment.  I am enough and so are you..

And if by chance, that special place

That you’ve been dreaming of

Leads you to a lonely place

Find your strength in love

It is possible to end the search for the hero outside of yourself and just BE.  It’s possible to create passion, intentions and dreams without  being trapped by the idea that right now isn’t enough.  And more than that, it is possible to love yourself unconditionally.


What is my purpose in life?

What is my purpose in life?

      What is my purpose in life? This is a common question that leaves so many tossing and turning at night.  It’s answers seem to change and leave many spending a lifetime patiently waiting for the answer.

      It’s difficult to feel purposeful and connected in a world that seems like it’s moving so fast. With an ultra competitive society some feel left behind, feeling unable to stand tall against fierce competition, many give up their dreams to survive the daily necessities of raising families and paying bills. It seems reasonable to give up on pipe dreams and desires to serve the needs of the immediate tasks and very easy to succumb to distractions. But what if that voice many hear is trying to send a powerful message? What if your purpose is calling you and it’s time to answer? How will you know?

      Living a purposeful life doesn’t always mean a career change or a relationship switch. Purpose is your gifts and creativity being in complete congruence.  It’s a choice to up- level your life and align with who you really are. It’s purpose will ALWAYS result in more satisfaction, peace and a stronger feeling of self-connection.

     Are you ready to step into your responsibility? What will it take?

    Still uncertain of your purpose?  Let’s discover it together.