What is Life Coaching?


by Laura Barnes

Life Coach scottsdale


Life Coaching is a dynamic process of purposeful empowerment that sparks transformational change. {START NOW! GASP!}


A masterful Life Coach helps you to listen and receive information from deep within and to trust and then act on that information. 

Life Coaching requires a journey INWARD. This encourages a sense of rigorously honest confidence and authenticity that is rooted in trusting and believing in yourself
Life coaching scottsdale
For this journey INWARD, a masterful Life Coach will use a portfolio of artful coaching tools and techniques such as meditation, visualization, mantras, affirmations, the development of mindfulness, music, sounds and frequencies, colors, prayer, breathing techniques, empathy development, storytelling, signs and symbols, body awareness, dreams, archetypes, developing creativity and much more.  {OH, WOW!}

These tools and techniques essentially help to de-clutter, calm and quiet the mind so that you can tune out all the distracting noise and nonsense and tune into your own essential truth that is available and accessible in each and every moment. This inner truth offers the humbling opportunity to guide your life in more purposeful, meaningful and joyous directions.

That inner voice cannot possibly thrive and be heard in an internal environment that is cruel, shaming, judgmental, criticizing, rigid, prescribed or hateful. A masterful Life Coach helps you to create an internal culture of kindness, respect, compassion, acceptance and love. Yes love. {AHHH, SIGH!}


A masterful Life Coach helps you find the courage to act on the information and guidance you have found within yourself.  After the journey INWARD, you begin the journey FORWARD.

A masterful Life Coach helps you find meaningful ways to express your full potential, to manifest health and happiness and to positively serve the people and the world around you. This courage builds positive momentum, forward moving action, excitement, energy and wild enthusiasm. Thoughts, words and actions are intentionally aligned with your innate truth and wisdom{YES PLEASE!}

Courage means to ‘dare greatly.’ The word courage comes from the old French word ‘cour‘ meaning heart. The original translation of the word courage means ‘to tell the story of your heart.’

A Life Coach helps you to tell the story of your heart with abandon and obedience and without an ounce of timidity. {ROAR!}
counseling scottsdaleThe urban dictionary describes courage as the ‘ability to do something that frightens one.’ A masterful Life Coach helps you to move out of comfort zones, dare greatly, move through the FUDs (Fears, Uncertainties and Doubts), blast through sabotaging blocks, pulverize procrastination and discover the courage needed to make positive and meaningful changes in your life.

For this journey FORWARD a masterful Life Coach uses a wide range of contemporary, effective tools and techniques that help you take that first step and begin, focus, clarify, prioritize, organize, strategize, shift perspectives, set, reach and surpass clear and achievable goals, create coherent plans of action, find energy, motivation and inspiration, have a clear check-in structure, build in accountability, gather appropriate resources, find meaning and balance in your choices, develop a positive attitude and much more.

These practical tools and techniques essentially help you express, manifest, create and apply your skills, talents, knowledge and wisdom in everyday life. {WOOT! WOOT!}

If you want to take the sacred journey INWARD and then move energetically FORWARD with power, passion, purpose and a plan, get a LIFE COACH! {YES! YES! YES! I WANT WHAT SHE’S HAVING!}


What is my purpose in life?

What is my purpose in life?

      What is my purpose in life? This is a common question that leaves so many tossing and turning at night.  It’s answers seem to change and leave many spending a lifetime patiently waiting for the answer.

      It’s difficult to feel purposeful and connected in a world that seems like it’s moving so fast. With an ultra competitive society some feel left behind, feeling unable to stand tall against fierce competition, many give up their dreams to survive the daily necessities of raising families and paying bills. It seems reasonable to give up on pipe dreams and desires to serve the needs of the immediate tasks and very easy to succumb to distractions. But what if that voice many hear is trying to send a powerful message? What if your purpose is calling you and it’s time to answer? How will you know?

      Living a purposeful life doesn’t always mean a career change or a relationship switch. Purpose is your gifts and creativity being in complete congruence.  It’s a choice to up- level your life and align with who you really are. It’s purpose will ALWAYS result in more satisfaction, peace and a stronger feeling of self-connection.

     Are you ready to step into your responsibility? What will it take?

    Still uncertain of your purpose?  Let’s discover it together.